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JBS Philosophy

JBS Philosophy

We are committed to helping you gain financial independence through intentional, long-term investments. As a fiduciary, Jim’s commitment is centered on building effective strategies designed to save you money and create opportunities for growth.


With a long reputation of honesty, hard work and dedication, we don’t promise more than we can deliver. Jim relies on sound research and investment strategies that provide valuable opportunities to develop the lifestyle you desire.

Value Management

We focus on long-term returns to help meet realistic goals. Jim takes a conservative approach, using value investment opportunities to build wealth. He is committed to putting your needs first throughout your entire financial journey, working to keep costs down to maximize your investment. Because of his deep experience, education and dedication, Jim recognizes investment opportunities others may miss, providing you unique ways to reach long-term goals.


From beginning to end, we want you to understand the decisions that affect your income. Disclosing all costs and fees, as well as past performances and projected outcomes of your investments, we provide resources and education to maintain complete transparency throughout each step. As your partner, Jim keeps you regularly informed of the progress of your portfolio.

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