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Our Process

1. Discovery

Where are you starting and where do you hope to go? Do we need to make adjustments to what you’ve been doing? We delve into the questions that get to the heart of what you value and what you want to accomplish. Understanding who you are, what you hope to achieve and what you need is at the heart of our efforts together. We develop a deep awareness of how you envision your future.

2. Strategy

We look at changes that could improve the returns on your current investments and make modifications, when necessary. By carefully evaluating your circumstances, risk tolerance, resources and expected timeline for retirement, we can identify possible solutions for reaching your goals. Jim’s strategies are designed to mirror and support your values.

3. Implementation

Building from a strong foundation of understanding, Jim develops tailored portfolios designed to help you achieve your goals. Each piece represents a thoughtful review of your circumstances. We establish flexible plans designed to grow with you.

4. Monitoring

Communication is an ongoing, continual component of the investment process. We reach out to you regularly at pre-determined intervals, depending on you and your needs, and we count on you to reach out to us as well. Life evolves. Your career may change. Perhaps your child is going to college, or another is getting married. Maybe you’ve had a new baby. Whatever your circumstances, we stay in close communication with each other. This ensures that the investment decisions we make continue to match your goals, needs and desires. You are not alone on this financial journey. With JBS, you have an experienced guide with you each step of the way.

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