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Portfolios designed to last

Whatever your dreams, your goals or your needs, JBS is here to help. Bringing powerful tools to the table, we create individualized roadmaps—strategies with safeguards to help you navigate problems you may encounter. With thirty-three years of experience in portfolio management, Jim provides unique insights and valuable guidance in helping clients gain financial independence.

Investment Risk

In evaluating investment decisions, we carefully assess your risk levels according to your circumstances. Having what you need—when you need it—is key for financial peace of mind. With an understanding of you, your timeline for investing, your personal needs and your circumstances, Jim adjusts your risk levels to fit you. Even minor adjustments in your risk levels can benefit you. This is an area where his technical expertise provides an advantage.

Tax Allocation

Tax strategies play an essential role in designing effective portfolios. Jim’s vast experience in solving tough problems has prepared him to help clients navigate complicated tax situations. He designs appropriate strategies that balance taxes for each stage of life. Focusing on your goals, he identifies an approach that will benefit you over the long term, working to create an optimal portfolio for you.

JBS Managed Accounts

Growth to Build Wealth
Modified Risk Levels
Income for Retirement
Goal-Specific Investment
Income Maximization
Socially Responsible Investing


Business Owner Strategies
Lifetime Strategies
401(k) Strategies
Pre/Post Retirement Date issues and Strategies
Money Purchasing Plans
Getting Started

World-Class Resources

Access to Elite Investment Advisor managers
Unparalleled Advisory Services
Cost-Effective Portfolio Management

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